Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps
North Des Moines High School; Class of 2009 (below)
Major Sean T. Quinlan     Gunny Michael Gettler
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Leaders instill honor and discipline.

2009: The Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (MCJROTC) has 210 cadet participants, 20 less than the year before. In a break from tradition, all cadets, 106 males and 104 females, came from North High. However, Central Campus also has a MCJROTC program at their school.

In class, cadets learned about self-discipline, leadership, caring, and respect. They honored the men and women fighting for our country's freedom. The program physically and mentally prepared the cadets for life. In addition, students learned the basic movements and history of the Marine Corps. See photo of 2009 class below.
First Annual Veterans Day Assembly; 8 November 2012
Major Sean T. Quinlan  
Students perform a flag folding ceremony during the first annual Veterans Day assembly honoring veterans hosted by the North High School Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) November 8. Pictured are Eli Repp, 14, Des Moines' Eastside; Alex Armstrong, 16, Des Moines' Northside; Griselda Sandoval, 18, Des Moines' Eastside, and Hunter Adrian, 16, Des Moines' Eastside.
  Alexis Armstrong, 16, North High, gives remarks; 8 Nov 2012
Recruit Formation Alexis Armstrong, 16, North High
Marine Corps ROTC Rifle Team; March, 2010
Camp Perry, Ohio; Des Moines North High School, Iowa placed second with an aggregate score of 4261. Team members Michael Stroud, Brandon Wicker, Lucas Rohrbaugh and Emily Allen were coached by GySgt Michael Gettler.
Marine Corps ROTC Rifle Team; 2012
American Legion Detachment Convention on July 14, 2012: Gunnery Sergeant Michael Gettler talked about the Des Moines North High School Junior Shooting Sports Competition Team, and displayed the National Championship Trophy (The Avanti Cup) they had won at a tournament recently. Identified above are:
Marine Corps ROTC Rifle Team; 2012
Identified above are;
Marine Corps ROTC Rifle Team; February 21-23, 2013
Junior Distinguished Distinguished Shooting Badge
North High School Marine Corps Junior ROTC Rifle Team competed in the Marine Corps National Air Rifle Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah from 21-23 February, winning second place. All 5 North shooters also earned individual honors as well, Dakota Lupkes-Heim was 2nd place overall followed by Courtney Wright- 4th place, Sara Crampton-7th place, Griselda Sandoval- 9th and Jackie Navarro- 14th. Griselda Sandoval and Courtney Wright also were awarded their Junior Distinguished Shooting badges, this is the highest award that you can earn as a junior shooter and only 556 have been awarded since its inception in 2001.
Music: "Semper Fidelis"
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