North High School Wall of Honor
Henry James Ketman
Class of June, 1926
Research done by Claradell Shedd, class of 1953.
Henry James Ketman

Henry graduated from North High in the class of June, 1926. During North High days, he resided at 1611 Arlington Avenue. His next of kin were Isaac J. and Eleanor Ketman. A number of years later, on April 24, 1942, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Immediately he was sent to the Great Lakes, IL U.S. Naval Training Center. Following that training, he was stationed at the US Flight Hospital. #111 in Guam. His duty stations are outlined below. Rankings held were PhM2c and PhM1c (Pharmacist's Mate Second Class, Pharmacist's Mate First Class). His main civilian occupation and training was that of an osteopath.

A number of years later, on April 24, 1942, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Immediately he was sent to the Great Lakes, IL U.S. Naval Training Center for six weeks' training.

(left) Photo may have been taken at
Great Lakes Training Center around June, 1942.
Henry Ketman is in second standing row, first on left side. (Click on photo for enlargement)
Henry James Ketman
Year x Rank x Status
June, 1926 x x x Graduated from North High, Des Moines, IA
x US Navy x Six weeks at USNH, US Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL/ US Flight Hospital. #111 (Hospital Corps School)
24 weeks x x xx Summer to December, 1942; Navy Medical School; National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD
12/42- 09/43 x x x USNR Midshipman School, Chicago, IL
x x x x USNABPD, San Bruno, CA
        US Naval Hospital, Shoemaker, CA. Waiting for the US to take Guam from Japanese control.
December 17, 1944       Naval Mobile Hospital No. 11; US Fleet Hospital. #111, Guam.; Barracks E-19. Hospital was not completed when Henry arrived in Guam.
October 31, 1945 x USNR;
PhM1/C; V6
x Honorable discharge; USN Personnel Separation Center, Minneapolis, MN
December 8, 1992 x Deceased x Buried. Masonic Cemetery, Des Moines, IA. Find A Grave Memorial #86878078
In 1943, the 111th Station Hospital was located in Chabua, India. On October 5, 1943, they had the 111th General Hospital up and running with 165 patients. A year later, they had 900 patients. In 1945, it eventually became the 234th General Hospital. In Chabua, India. It appears Henry served in the U.S. Fleet Hospital #111 in the Pacific Theater, but his service was confined to Guam.
(left) Enroute to Guam on escorted transport ship. Trip took 30 days zigzagging around the Pacific.
(below) "Temporary" quarters for hospital staff before the Guam Field Hospital #111 was completed.
(right) US Navy Seal; Pharmacist Mate 1st Class patch; Henry Ketner in Guam
(below) Guam barracks during construction.
Soil mixed w/crushed coral--very dangerous.
Pharmacist's Mate; 1st Class
Dr. Henry James Ketman
Masonic Cemetery; Des Moines, IA
A comprehensive list of names from North High's 1893-2018 graduation classes are from Claradell Shedd's North Des Moines High School website. The names of North High School graduates can be found online at: Henry James Ketman's 1926 class can be viewed at:
Born: 04/28/08; Died 12/08/92.
Music: "Anchors Aweigh" by the U.S. Navy Band
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